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    Shake it


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    Everyday about 600000 facebook accounts are hacked. Most of them are successful only because users have personal information as their password

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    your password is like your underwear!

    You have to change it often.
    Not everyone has to see it.
    Long is better than short.




About the app

Shake it is an mobile app that reminds the user to change his or her password more often. You can also create a new password by shaking your phone.

Nice and easy design

The app has an easy to use design, that is also nice looking.

fun and experience

Who enjoys coming up with a new password?! Just SHAKE IT

Features and usage


The app will generate a secure and easy to remember password. You just have to shake your phone 5 times.

Change it often

The app will alert the user every 60 days that it is time to shake out a new password.


If you would like to try out our app don't wait and download it here.

You won't be disappointed!


Password security

...because your password is like your underwear!

You have to change it often

The security of your account will rise if you change your password every 60 days.

Longer is better

The easiest way to create a secure password is to use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. If you use these rules you only need 8 symbols in your password.

No one has to see it

Don't write your password on a note, don't log on to a public or shared computer and if you do, log out.



Types of hacker attacks

The internet is full of criminals that wait on every corner.

Dictionary attack

The attacker downloads a list of commonly used passwords and tries all of them. If he's lucky, he will have acces to your account in no time.

Brute force

The attacker tries all possible combinations of symbols until he gets the right one. The more complex password you have, the harder it is to brute force it.


It is an act where the attacker tries to get user's passwords by creating an exact copy of an existing site.


About us

Our fearless team.

Thanks for cooperation

This app was created with help from Google and Web Rangers program pod záštitou firmy Google a programu Web Rangers.



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